Calamba City Council exceeds sessions, crafts landmark legislations


The City Council exceeded the law’s requirements conducting 76 sessions from July 2016 until December 31, 2017, an excess of four sessions as required by law, and enacted landmark legislations, according to the Vice Mayor and presiding officer Monday.

Vice Mayor Roseller ‘Ross’ Rizal disclosed in Monday’s first flag raising ceremony for 2018, that for the past 18 months since assuming office, the City Council has conducted four sessions more than the required 72 sessions based on a four sessions per month mandate.

Rizal described the members of the City Council as “responsive” to the call of duty as it has passed 395 resolutions in a span of one-year and a half and commended their talents and sacrifices exemplified by their regular attendance of all sessions conducted.

“Resolutions are important for the Mayor or the executive branch to implement its priority agenda and thrusts,” he explained.

In addition, the Vice Mayor has said that 61 ordinances have been passed in the same period and sustaining such momentum, they can surpass the number of resolutions that have impacts on the people, enacted in the previous Council during his first term.

“We aim for more responsive, more permanent legislation, having a more forceful impact on every sector,” the Vice Mayor stressed.

Rizal also disclosed that the Council is a transparent body that engages citizen’s participation through consultations as proven by 385 committee hearings and meetings and nine public hearings conducted with the participation of various sectors from July 1, 2016 until December 31, 2017.

“We are consistently encouraging our fellow Calambeños to observe the conduct of our meetings whether during sessions or committee hearings as we invite various sectors,” he stated adding that the Council has passed an ordinance declaring every February 27 of each year as the day for non-government organization (NGOs).

“We have accredited various civil society organizations (CSOs) and non-government organizations (NGOs) as our partners in the government in formulating policies and in delivering services to our constituents,” he explained. “We have passed an ordinance declaring February 27 of each year as Non-Government Organizations Day.”

Meanwhile, the Vice Mayor revealed a landmark legislation such as the approval of the annual budget of the City government ahead of time since the past two years or five years including his first term as vice-mayor and presiding officer of the legislative council.

He emphasized another landmark legislation was the approval of the 10 Year Comprehensive Land Use Plan of the City from 2017 until 2026 with the corresponding Zoning Ordinance “that sets the direction of development of the city” for the next 10 years.

Among other development plans approved and funded by the Council included: Annual Investment Plan (AIP); Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA); Gender and Development (GAD) Plan; Disaster and Risk Reduction Management (DRRM) Plan; Housing or Shelter Plan; Poverty Alleviation Plan; and Peace and Order or Security Plan.

Moreover, Rizal disclosed the approval of the Revised Implementing Guidelines of the Calamba Medical Center Charity Ward Agreement; Ordinance regulating the use of videoke/karaoke and related instruments in residential and public places; Ordinance regulating the consumption of alcoholic and intoxicating beverages in public places; Ordinance prohibiting ‘noisy’ motorcycles and vehicles; Ordinance protecting women and Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) from harm and discrimination; and Ordinance institutionalizing the Drug Free and Anti- Smoking Workplace.

Additional ordinances enacted were: Ordinance creating an Out of School Youth (OSY) committee in the 54 barangays comprising the city; Ordinance extending business permit registration until January 31, 2018 without penalties; Ordinance on tax amnesty for real estate penalties; and Salary Standardization of Employees, among others.

Vice Mayor Rizal said ordinances naming the sports coliseum which is under construction as Jose Rizal Coliseum and the plaza where the largest statue of Jose Rizal stands as Dr. Jose Rizal Plaza, reflect a balance of culture with economy about the city.

He acknowledged the harmonious working relationship of the legislative and the executive where the collaborative public service would redound to benefit constituents.

“All these are the fruits of a harmonious relationship and cooperation with our Mayor Justin Marc Chipeco and the City Council… in the name of public service, we are united,” the Vice Mayor concluded.—Zen Trinidad/PNA