Press statement of DILG OIC-Secretary Año on the generally peaceful implementation of Oplan Tokhang 2


The Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) is encouraged by the generally peaceful implementation of Oplan Tokhang 2 across the country and will continue to monitor the Philippine National Police’s adherence to the rule of law and the new operational guidelines in anti-illegal drugs operations.

DILG OIC-Secretary Eduardo M. Ano said that “he is encouraged by the generally peaceful conduct of Oplan Tokhang on its first week since it’s relaunching on January 29.”

“This is the PNP’s opportunity to show the public what Oplan Tokhang is and what it is not. It is a way of appealing to families by first knocking on their doors and asking them to surrender any involvement in drug use or supply. It is not acoercive and abusive operation,” said Ano.

The DILG chief explained that the new Oplang Tokhang should reflect the police’s commitment to stamp out illegal drugs but coupled with compassion by reaching out to homes and communities to cooperate by doing their part in this shared responsibility towards a drug-free country.

He clarified that the relaunch of Tokhang is not only against small time drug pushers but also against drug syndicates who continue to destroy society with their illegal trade.

“We will apply the full force of the law and all appropriate actions against these drug syndicates and criminal groups to include their protectors and supporters specially government officials and employees who are unfortunately involved in illicit activities,”he said.

Thus, the DILG and Napolcom will continue to keep a close eye on the PNP to ensure that accusations of human rights violations will be a thing of the past.

“I am reminding our police officers to ensure that your fellow policemen are complying with the new guidelines. I sternly warn against arbitrary and self-serving interpretation of the new policy,” he said.

The DILG Chief reiterated his call that double salary means double time in shaping up as an organization. “I am demanding accountability from our police officers. With the salary increase, they should shape up or ship out. The PNP organization has no room for ingrate scalawags,” he said.

Ano is encouraging the public to come forward and not be afraid should there be abuses by policemen in the conduct of anti-illegal drug operations.

“Do not be afraid to speak or come forward should there be abuses by the police in the conduct of anti-illegal drugs operations. There’s the PNP Counter-Intelligence Task Force. But if you do not want to report to the PNP, you can report to the DILG field offices, NAPOLCOM, or to the People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) in your locality,”he said.