Endorsement of Request of Issuance of Authority to Travel Abroad

Local Government officials and employees
A. Required Documents for All Types of Travel
1. Letter request stating the nature and purpose of the travel, indicating also the inclusive dates and place(s) of destination;
2. Endorsement from the DILG Regional Director, Provincial Director, City Director, City or Municipal Local Government Operations, as the case maybe;
3. Endorsement from the Provincial Governor, City or Municipal Mayor, as the case maybe;
4. Sworn statement attesting that no administrative charge or criminal case has been filed against the applicant;
B. Additional Documents for Official Travel (Study or Non-study Trip)
1. Statement as to the immediate and direct benefits to the local government, when the travel involves the use of public funds
2. In the event of a non-study trip, submit the invitation from the host country, sponsoring agency or organizer
3.In case of study trip, submit endorsement from the TESDA or CHED, and a copy of the acceptance or invitation-letter from the organizer or donor;
4. If the travel is for trade and investment purpose, submit endorsement from the DTI Central or Regional Office; and,
C. Additional Documents for Travel on Personal Nature
1. Submit a duly accomplished Application for Leave of Absence, in case applicant is a Provincial Governor or Mayor of Highly Urbanized / Independent Component City
1. Receiving Clerk (stamp RECEIVED) records and forward the documents to division concerned
2. Person in charge evaluates the documents and prepares the endorsement letter
3. The Division Chief reviews and affixes his/her initials
4. Regional Director signs the endorsement letter and return the same to division concerned
5. Records personnel records and releases the duly signed Endorsement, including the attached documents to DILG Central Office or to client (upon request)