BUB Feature: No more thirsty days


Several studies stated that humans are proven to be irresponsible and inefficient water users. We waste it, take it for granted, and even pollute our resources.

We, who have access to clean and safe water tend to abuse the use of it because we often think that water supply is limitless since it is a known fact that Earth is covered by 70% of water.

Conserve Energy Future, one of the world’s top eco-conscious leading publishers, have shown that 1.1 billion people around the world do not have clean and safe water to drink. This is because only 3% of it is fresh and safe to use, but only 1% is accessible to human.

Water as one of our basic necessities has not reached many places on Earth. People of these places worked so hard to look for alternatives so they could survive each day to taste just a drop of it.

In the Municipality of Gumaca, Quezon Province, just a few kilometers from the Poblacion area, lies a community where potable water does not exist. Residents in Barangay Casasahan, Ilaya have to fetch gallons of water in nearby communities just to have a clean and safe water to drink. Some even go to the nearest springs, while some have to wait for clouds to drop off few rains so they could have water for their everyday use.

Cenon Ayap, 47, a native resident and councilor of the barangay knows best how to live each day searching and looking for safe drinking water for him and his family.

“Mahirap kapag wala kayong sariling tubig sa barangay. Kailangan niyo pang umigib sa bukal para lang may panggamit araw-araw. Panlaba, panligo, pangluto. Mas mahirap lalo kapag dudumi (laughs)”, said Ayap.

Since potable water is not accessible in their community, he mentioned that he buys distilled drinking water for Php 60.00 each gallon every two days.

“Hindi naman ganoon ang kaso sa iba. Yung ibang mga taga rito, umiigib sa poso o sa bukal, minsan naghihintay ng ulan tapos papakuluan. ‘Yun ang iinumin”, he added.

In 2014, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Region IV-A joined forces with the Municipality of Gumaca through the Bottom-up Budgeting- Sagana at Ligtas na Tubig sa Lahat (BUB-SALINTUBIG) program to quench the thirst of the whole community by allocating Php 450,000.00 in the construction and rehabilitation of potable water supply.

“Masaya kami dahil mayroon na kaming malinis na tubig para sa inumin at sa pangluto. Hindi na namin kailangang dumayo sa kabilang barangay para mag-igib ng tubig”, said William O. Aguirre, 46, Punong Barangay.

Upon the project’s completion in 2015, the residents shared that there were no cases of waterborne diseases recorded since the tap stands were installed.

“Nagpapasalamat kami sa DILG dahil sa amin ibinigay ang ganitong proyekto. Sobrang laki ang naitulong nito sa aming komunidad at sa mga residente ng barangay”, Aguirre stated.

He also mentioned that they already have 11 tap stands in their barangay. Hopefully, one water supply system will be installed per house if they can provide a water storage reservoir.

The BUB-SALINTUBIG program aims to contribute to the attainment of the goal of providing potable water to the entire country.


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