DILG Calabarzon Officer tops training program for LGOOs


Aside from producing 38 full-fledged agents of good local governance, the DILG IV-A also takes pride in serving as a home to the topnotcher of the 50th Batch Training for Local Government Operations Officer.

LGOO V Jessa Marie Mendoza, a former staff of the Local Government Capability Development Division bested 168 other newly-recognized LGOOs making her the valedictorian of this year’s training program.

In her speech during the 50th Batch graduation rites held at Local Government Academy Training Center in Los Banos, Laguna, Mendoza remembers her journey the time she entered the Department as to becoming a certified LGOO.

“We waited for two years, three years, and some of us, even more, but I I really believe, I firmly believe that this is all about the right timing, and this is our time,” Mendoza said.

Stressing that all of the trainees were equally deserving, Mendoza said that leading the golden batch was an unexpected moment for her.

Recognizing the hardships and excellence of Mendoza, DILG IV-A recently appointed her as LGOO V making it as her ticket to Local Government Monitoring and Evaluation Section Chief seat of the DILG Batangas Provincial Office.

The training for the 50th batch of LGOOs which lasted from December 2015 to May 2017 produced 169 full-fledged LGOOs. Two hosts—Region IV-A for the Luzon cluster and Region VII for the Visayas and Mindanao cluster—managed the activities for all participating regions under their cluster.

The LGA designed LGOO training to equip participants to become LGOOs II or III as well as prepare them for higher positions.

More about Mendoza
We had a chance to know more about the Golden Girl before she leaves the country to attend the 19th Advanced International Human Resource and Development Programme on Needs Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Information Generation Techniques for Decentralized Governance in New Delhi, India.

Jessa Marie answered questions about her journey and plans, among other topics when she faced the DILG Batangas Provincial Communication and Information Committee Head, Joseph N. Soriano.

  1. Why DILG? I choose DILG because I believe that I could be of better service to the people, being able to give back to the Filipinos while making a difference, by applying my degree in Political Science.
  2. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when they gave you that recognition? The first thing that came to my mind? Why me? There are a number of my co-trainees whom I look up to and believe to be on top. Just surreal.
  3. What is a success for you? Success for me is knowing what you do, believing in what you do, and loving what you do.
  4. What do you think is your greatest asset in achieving this success?Praying, hoping, not worrying. -St. Padre Pio
  5. What’s that number one weakness you have while on training? I’m not physically active. I’m a sleepyhead. I’m a crammer.
  6. What inspires you? Selfless love and unwavering support from family friends, faith in Him.
  7. Your favorite program in this Department and why? UBAS (Ugnayan ng Barangay at Simbahan). This is where I started. And the Capacity Building for CSOs. I believe in the indispensable roles of multistakeholdership, and participatory governance play in achieving sustainable human development.
  8. Name a program you wish you are the Focal Person? Comprehensive Development Plan. I would love to learn this. I’m interested in development planning.
  9. Where is Jessa Marie S. Mendoza 5 years from now? Five years from now: Jessa would still be a public servant, striving to make a positive change. And continuously learning and improving herself




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