Issuance of certification of compliance to Full Disclosure Policy (FDP) for endorsement to Central Office

All Provincial, City, and Municipal Governments through the Full Disclosure Policy Focal Persons
1. Letter request stating the purpose; and,
2. Certification of Compliance to FDP issued by DILG Provincial Offices attested by Civil Society Organization
1. Receiving Clerk (stamp RECEIVED) records and forward the documents to division concerned
2. Focal person reviews Certification issued by the DILG Provincial Office and checks the FDP Portal (thru online validation or thru reliable means)
*for consultation with Bureau of Local Government Supervision (BLGS)
3. Focal Person prepares the endorsement letter with the P.O. Certification on FDP – compliance to posting on conspicuous places (attested by CSO)
4. Regional Director signs the certification and the endorsement letter and returns the same to division concerned
5. Records personnel records and releases the duly signed Endorsement, including the attached documents to DILG Central Office