Release of Death Benefit Claims

Benefeciaries of deceased Barangay Officials
1. List of Claimants covered by Fund allocation from NBOO and FMS
2. Certified true copy of Death Certificate of deceased Barangay Officials;
3. Certified true copy of marriage contract (if the claimant is the spouse of the deceased barangay official);
4. Certified true copy of the birth certificate of the Claimant if the son or daughter of the deceased Brgy. Official
5.Certified true copy of the birth certificate of the deceased or affidavit of two (2) disinterested parties; if the deceased Brgy. Official is single and the claimant is his surviving parent/brother/sister;
6. Affidavit of guardianship, if the claimant is minor;
7. Special Power of Attorney, authorizing one of the legal beneficiaries to claim the benefit
8. Photocopy of the government issued identification card, such as Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, Postal ID, or a certification from the Barangay that he/she is a resident of the said Barangay
1. Regional Focal Person reviews the funded claims versus the list of claimants endorsed to NBOO;
2. RFO prepares the disbursement vouchers and Obligation Request Slip with the complete documents for signature of LGMED Chief;
3. LGMED Chief reviews and signs the DV and ORS and forwards to Budget Section/FAD
4. Budget Section processes, provided funding and forwards to Accounting Section;
5. Accounting Section process the claim and forwards to Regional Director for approval
6. The Regional Director approves and forwards the claim to Cash Section;
7. The Cash Section prepares the check and bank advice and submit the same to the bank;
8. Cash Section Informs LGMED/RFO of the availability of signed checks;
9. RFO informs the Field Offices of the availability of checks Cash Section transmit the checks to Field Office concerned;
10. Field Office informs the claimants to pick-up the check at the field offices concerned